Bus Network Planner

The Bus Network Planner is a university project developed as a group effort for the completion of the Master course "Advanced Software Engineering". This tool enables urban planners to automatically generate bus networks for their cities. Its main target audience were European cities. We implemented an algorithm to strategically position bus stops and bus lines on the city map. The Bus Network Planner was developed in React, Typescript, Java and Spring.

To generate a bus network a user has to complete these four steps:

  1. Choose your city
  2. Adjust the city grid
  3. Select an algorithm
  4. View the result

It was developed by:

Step 1 - Choose Your City

First, select a european city of your choice. In the video below, I happened to be living in Vienna but wanted to generate a bus network for Klagenfurt.

Step 2 - Adjust The City Grid

Second, adjust the city grid according to your needs. The user can add and remove streets, set points of interest and change the population density.

Step 3 - Select An Algorithm

Third, Choose an algorithm and set its parameters, then execute the algorithm.

Step 4 - View The Result

And lastly, view the output of the algorithm. Furthermore, you can calculate efficient routes between any two points using the bus network.